6. Feet Tickling

Soles tickled with feather

Known as “The Chinese tickling torture”, was mainly practiced during the Han Dinasty (206-220 b.C); was used as a gentle method of punishment for criminals and those who were considered traitors, since was a torture that didn’t leave clear physical signs and the victim could recover of it. A similar method was used in Ancient Rome: the tortured’s feet were dipping in a kind of salt water and then a goat licked that fluid from the soles of the tied victim.

Fortunately, humans have learned to turn traumas of the past into an enjoyable activities. Some people consider the foot tickling as part of the BDSM, for others is a simple and innocent erotic game, but the only truth is that is an activity loved for many. I think those that are aroused getting tickles must have a touch of masochist, since it’s about another way to enjoy the suffering.