8. Food and feet

Conquering through the stomach… and through feet

Food is a very used resource in the preliminar sexual games. I’m pretty sure you have tried it sometime: breasts covered with cream, condensed milk in the belly, yogurt on the genitals… and then lick till let it cleaned out. Super hot and kinky, right? The same happens with feet; many foot lovers like to eat (or drink) from feet, savour a delicious cake previously trampled and destroyed by sexy feet.

Regarding the variety of food which can be used in this activity, there’s a bit of everything, but the most common are fruits, ice-creams, candys and pasta. Although as I say that, any kind of food could be used. This practice includes the foot crush, but I don’t like to talk about this topic, because, sometimes, undesirable persons use living beings to satisfy their fantasies, which is horrible and regrettable.