3. Footjobs

Footjobs, no hands needed!

The footjob is the most “sexual” practice of all the foot fetish activities. Actually, many couples usually enjoy the footjob with no need of being foot fetishists, just for fun, to try something different. For a extremely pleasant footjob, we have to consider these 2 keys: the first is that the soles should be soft and oily, and the second, that the person who gives the footjob must have good skills for it.

Sometimes the footjob can include a touch of domination, since many guys love that their testicles and penis get trampled in a rude way, lot of them have an orgasm with this practice so might be regarded as a footjob, a mixture of trample and footjob, I’d say. Anyway, I’m one of those who thinks that the feet are not made for masturbation… I prefer licking lovely soles while the woman gives me a traditional handjob. Matter of tastes.