4. Foot sniffing

Odors tasting on-demand

The smell of the feet is a very important issue for most foot lovers, to the extent that many fetishists only enjoy with smelly feet. There are various types of odors, like perfumed feet, which smells like fragance and soap. After we have the after-sport-sweaty-feet, with that special scent, or the foot smell after being used too much worn shoes, or too much new. Mi favorite is the aroma that let the feet after a hard-long-day-work.

Recently I read a quotation in a journal reporting that the smelly feet is one of the biggest causes for divorce. The smelly feet, for many is a big deal, a possible ground for divorce. For a odors fetishist, could be an indescribable delight; you could say it’s a cruel world. I’m not big fan of the strong smell, I preffer them with a bit of smelly, a slightly scent of a tired feet can very enjoyable.