The Foot Fetish is an wide activity that can be subdivided into different categories or practices. Some of them are related to the domination games and others have sexual undertones; some of the activities reviewed on this post are very popular and others are less known, but both have a thing in common: the passion for feet. These are the 10 most usual ways to enjoy the foot fetish:

1. Foot Worship

Foot Worship, only suitable for submissives

Maybe this is the most popular and the activity with more supporters. Licking feet is something that every self-respecting fetishist should try sometime, cleaning soles with tongue, sucking between toes… But foot worship is not only about licking feet, is about revering them, smelling, rubbing, giving them much care and love, showing respect and devotion.

When we use the word ‘worship’ we’re talking about an action that usually has domination undertones. Worhip the feet of the Mistress or the Master, is a ver common activity and very grateful among the submissives foot lovers, also considered theirselves as ‘footslaves’. When you are adoring feet, often you do that lying or on your knees; this is a very pleasant domination practice that also includes the foot gagging and the foot smothering.